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Insurers today face a number of growth opportunities as they balance the challenges of handling regulatory disruption, delivering operational transformation and enhancing customer experiences. 

Modern consumers now expect digital and mobile customer experiences and user journeys that are totally frictionless, but something as simple as signing a contract can be a real obstacle – maybe resulting in a lost sale. Efforts to streamline online processes can help but verifying the person's identity remotely can be a problem.

Thanks to a range of biometric technology solutions from TOC, these critical Document Signature and ID Verification processes can now be quick, easy and safe.

  • Reduce operational risk
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Lower processing costs
  • Improve customer service

Next-generation technology

With TOC Artificial Intelligence technology, insurers can bring their contracting, signature and reimbursements processes into the 21st century –  regardless of the insurance class.

  • Remote
  • Online
  • Mobile

Increasing sales

It's hard enough to find new potential customers so having them dropout before completing the sales process can be frustrating – and costly. Formally signing documents is a necessary part of the insurance sales process but it unfortunately provides a break in the natural flow of a user journey – one that many customers will never return from. With our remote Digital Signature and Facial ID Verification solutions, you can help avoid these 'abandonment' problems and increase sales. And you get happier customers too.



From online and mobile onboarding to E-approvals and KYC, the ID Verification Service from TOC can help you realise your digital transformation vision and achieve your technology innovation goals.



Discover what the new ID Verification Service from TOC can do for your business, explore our functionality with our live demo apps and register for an account to road-test our API.