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Cloud-based Biometric Authentication 

The problem with authentication today

As the digital revolution continues to accelerate, banks, insurers, retailers, healthcare providers and government agencies are faced with the ever-increasing need to authenticate their current and potential customers – whatever remote channels or digital devices they are using. 

What is needed is a simple, secure and private authentication system that is accessible on any website or smartphone app anywhere in the world.

What about the user experience? 

With a world of communication and unlimited information available at the touch of a button, tech-savvy customers today view most security solutions as unnecessary, out-of-date and obsolete. They are often too complicated to use and don’t fit with the ways that people now use their mobile devices and interact online. 

These days, there are just too many passwords to remember and managing them effectively just to access a simple online service can become a real burden. The specialised password generating devices, telephone calls with security questions and verification codes sent by text messages is on the rise and just seem to get in the way of a smooth, frictionless user journey.

Introducing next-generation authentication

These kinds of problems aren’t trivial either – they can often result in needless time delays, bad user experiences and lost sales as well as issues over privacy, negative impacts on reputation and unnecessary environmental costs. 

Fingerprint authentication solutions differ from the current crop of biometric applications which are increasingly seen as complicated, insecure and expensive.  More importantly though, these types of biometric authentication systems don’t provide personal, customer-oriented solutions – either mobile or face to face. On the other hand, the innovative ID Verification System from TOC offers a fast, easy and secure authentication process that makes customer on-boarding simple and super quick.

Reducing costs and operational risk

Traditional authentication methods – such as passwords, tokens and SMS – are not only extremely expensive but can increase operational risk considerably. Of course, the spiralling cost of increasing identity fraud, complex security systems, cumbersome password management systems and extensive call centre operations are all ultimately passed onto the customer.

Huge savings and a reduction in risk can easily be made just by introducing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. This also provides a better user experience which, in turn, leads to consumption of more services and ultimately more sales.

Quick and simples systems integration

Risk-averse commercial enterprises and governmental institutions alike are often reluctant to install innovative new solutions – despite the clear advantages and rationale – based on the likelihood of unforeseen technical difficulties, rising costs and lengthy setup times. Out-dated legacy systems, overly complex technical architectures and poorly designed user interfaces can also make implementing new technology solutions difficult – if not impossible. 

New mobile solutions are designed and developed in innovative new ways – with modern technological resources and knowledge – resulting in systems that are much easier to integrate. These new cloud-based platforms can be deployed alongside existing systems within weeks – avoiding complex and costly migrations.


The ID Verification service from TOC Biometrics comprises a number of advanced technology components and there are many more exciting developments in the pipeline.



Discover what the new ID Verification Service from TOC Biometrics can do for your business, explore our functionality with our live demo apps and register for an account to road-test our API.