Chilean Technology Company expands operations to Brazil and Colombia

The more than 5 million identity checks and electronic signature without fraud per month using biometrics in Chile opened the way for TOC to enter the Brazilian and Colombian markets.

The technological platform of TOC allows conducting verification of biometric identity from different types of platform, including mobile, making a “biometric match” between the face and the fingerprint of the person with their identity documents, without registration of database and with Electronic signature.

“Today we are celebrating the opening of operations in Brazil and Colombia, reaching a potential market of 400 million people. This is recognition to our technical team and the high innovation explained Ricardo Navarro, CEO of TOC.

TOC is a leading company in identity verification and electronic signature solutions, supporting and enabling companies and organizations around the world in their digital transformation process. With more than 36 million of identity verification and digital signature transactions per year and more than 8 years of experience in the Market:  financial, health, insurance, commerce, telecoms. TOC solved the problem of remote, private and secure authentication.

TOC technology, based on artificial Intelligence, allows remote identity verification using any device, in any operating system in any country in the world.