3 Benefits of Facial ID Verification for Your Growing Business

It used to be the stuff of science fiction, but advanced facial ID verification technology is now here, and is becoming increasingly common in our everyday lives. Driven by the likes of Face ID on the Apple iPhone X (used for unlocking the device as well as mobile payment authentication) and Facebook’s DeepFace facial recognition system (used for tagging yourself and friends in photographs), facial ID technology is now gaining widespread acceptance, and the volume and variety of use cases are growing each day.

Some retailers, for example, are using facial recognition systems to catch and identify shoplifters, while others are facilitating secure transactions by offering face scans as a payment option. Banks are also experimenting with face scans, ensuring that customers attempting to withdraw funds at ATMs really are who they say they are. Car companies are introducing facial ID verification to automobiles, allowing drivers to unlock their car door with just their face. And airports are utilising facial recognition software to let passengers check in, drop off luggage, get through security, and board planes.

There are countless other examples across government, healthcare, insurance, and many other industries as well, driving huge growth in the facial recognition market around the globe. With so many different potential applications, let’s consider three top benefits of facial ID verification technology for your growing business.


Benefit 1: Heightened Security

One of the greatest advantages of facial ID verification technology is that it enhances security and safety. From government agencies to insurance companies, banks, and online retailers dealing with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations and fighting against identity fraud, there is an increasing demand for advanced security systems right across the board.

Facial recognition technology provides customer ID verification that is fast, accurate, and highly secure. Unlike memorable questions and passwords which are easy to crack, it is extremely difficulty to fool facial recognition systems, which are based on deep learning algorithms that provide extremely high accuracy rates. In fact, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) conducted a number of tests last year which aimed to discover how well a facial recognition algorithm could identify a person in a photograph amongst a database of 12 million photographs of different individuals. It found that just 0.2% of all searches by all algorithms failed the test, meaning accuracy rates are now well above 99%.


Benefit 2: Customer Convenience

Facial ID verification is a non-contact process, creating fast and frictionless customer experiences. Passwords may be easily hacked or stolen by fraudsters – but they’re also easily forgotten, lost, and generally inconvenient for customers.

Today’s customers want fast, seamless, and pain-free experiences no matter where they are, nor what device they use to do business with you. Just one bump in the buyer’s journey – be it at the onboarding stage, the purchasing stage, or anywhere in between – risks losing the customer to a more streamlined competitor. As such, swift and secure access to all services must be easily granted to all customers at all times.

With facial ID verification technology, poor security and clunky customer journeys are things of the past, as completing online transactions becomes as simple as taking a ‘selfie’ with a smartphone. The technology is exceptionally secure, extremely convenient, and there are no passwords in sight.


Benefit 3: Easy Integration

Last but not least, facial ID verification solutions are easy to integrate with existing systems – particularly when it comes to cloud-based solutions.

Why is this of such great benefit to your growing business? Because you won’t need to spend time and money redeveloping your existing computer systems to make them suitable for a facial recognition integration. Instead, the technology is ready to deploy directly from the cloud, meaning facial ID verification capabilities can be integrated into your system quickly and easily.


The World’s Most Advanced Facial ID Verification Solutions

TOC Biometrics has developed the world’s most advanced suite of biometric facial recognition solutions available today. Based on cutting-edge neural network and deep learning technology, our facial ID verification system boasts an accuracy rate greater than 99%, allowing commercial and governmental organisations to accurately verify a customer’s identity quickly, seamlessly, and with absolute security.

TOC Biometrics specialised Facial Recognition engine is trained to compare selfies taken by customers with their smartphones and other devices with photos on their official ID documents to identify a positive match. This is a simple and secure four step process with integrated Liveness Detection, which has the ability to detect that all provided selfies come from a real, live human being, and not simply a two-dimensional photograph of that human being. This provides utmost security against online fraud and identity theft whilst reducing processing times and costs for organisations.

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Get free access today to explore and trial TOC Biometrics cloud-based facial ID verification solutions quickly and easily via our cloud API using the latest Representational State Transfer (REST) technology. Register for an account today to explore our live demo apps and discover what our facial ID verification solutions can do for your business. Get in touch to find out more.